Hubcubation Entrepreneurship Programme – Sponsorship Opportunity

Over the past few months, our Management team had the privilege of taking part in a very transformational entrepreneurship programme. We got to ask ourselves several key questions that are already changing the course of how we do business at Mesozi; in line with strategy, leadership, impact, operations and our market/industry.

Do you have a scalable business model? Do you have a clear roadmap how to grow your market? Do you have a plan how to extend your product or service portfolio? How do you recruit and retain the right people? Do you have processes and procedures in place? Do you know what product to offer to which customer at what price? Do you have a clear and consistent value proposition?

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At Mesozi, we are committed to the development of the Youth and Entrepreneurship in the continent. We regard entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in high esteem as a driver of change, development and progress. Entrepreneurs build businesses that create value, employment opportunities and deliver crucial services and products where it is needed most. We believe in entrepreneurs being the silent motor of our economy, and for this reason, we will be sponsoring one youth-run(18-28 years) business for the Hubcubation Cohort 3 (Begins 19th August 2016), an entrepreneurial programme by a known provider, The Hub East Africa.

The Hub East Africa is a renowned market leader in the support of start-ups and SMEs on starting, growing and running a sustainable business with a focus on strategic, operational and commercial excellence.


The Hub East Africa is a knowledge centre that exists to inspire and cultivate professional entrepreneurship among startups and SMEs from diverse sectors in the East African economy. As an organization that is actively involved in a day to day engagement with entrepreneurs, it is their core business to support businesses to start, grow and scale into sustainable enterprises. In addition, they provide the full eco-system consisting of desk/office space and financing solutions through the different partnerships they have established.

Hubcubation is a 6-month program designed for entrepreneurs who have been in business for 1-3 years and want to take their startup to the next level of professionalism and sustainability. The program has a 360′ approach build on three pillars: business knowledge, network and mentor/coaching. In ten workshops you will go through all elements required to run a business: from strategy to operations, and from marketing to management. The workshops are very practical in their application, using proven business concepts and frameworks to support entrepreneurs in understanding the industry they are in, developing the right strategy to become better at selling the right product to the right customer at the right time at the right price. It will support you to operationalize your strategy, making your business profitable consistently. It also supports your business by connecting you to potential partners, customers and investors where relevant, with the one goal in mind: support you as an entrepreneur to grow your business. They combine theory with practical application relevant to everyday business management.

Hubcubation is not an entry level course on entrepreneurship nor meant for micropreneurs. The set up of the program is part-time with a full day workshop every two weeks and coaching at your convenience. Program fee: KSh 45,000. (Fully sponsored by Mesozi) 

“Hubcubation offered mind-blowing insights on taking my business to the next level. It is my honour and privilege to give the same opportunity to someone else; I mean, its the least we can do as a company to inspire African treps like ourselves in the quest to grow and scale into sustainable enterprises.”

– Mutethia Mbaabu, CEO Mesozi

We look forward to receiving your applications before the 10th August 2016 for this potentially life-changing programme through or click here.

We will then shortlist a few businesses to physically meet with and finally select the most outstanding business to participate in the programme. We also look forward to working with you as you grow to be great business leaders who will steer this nation and beyond to greater heights.

Mutethia Mbaabu,

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 09.20.34

CEO, Mesozi Inc.

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