MarketForce™ V1.0.0 Release

Humans aren’t perfect, so you cannot expect sales agents to remember every interaction, order, deadline, or appointment with potential customers. Most businesses are unable to forecast their sales, hence monitor future cash flow and intelligently act on it. They also lack reliable information on the performance of their employees, products and services in the market.

The process of manually tallying sales-call sheets each day or week by sales teams is tedious, repetitive, time-consuming, but important. Our solution allows for businesses to have immediate access to each salesperson’s activities, opportunities, sales figures, customer complaints and other metrics used for measuring success and sales revenue. As a result, management can act quickly when necessary, based on real-time information.

These are some of the issues that led to the birth, development and deployment of arguably the best Sales Force Automation solution in Africa, MarketForce™



MarketForce™ is a Mesozi® powered cloud based solution that enables businesses to automate the entire sales and distribution process.

Now sales teams are able to manage orders, multiple leads, customer information, products and services information, market feedback, stock movement and payments receivable on the go using mobile devices. This enables businesses to build a sales pipeline and grow deals more quickly than ever, without any manual tasks that involve papers to drive productivity.

Management dashboards offer a real-time insights into of your sales performance at a glance. I mean there is no better way to tell which of your products are selling, to which customers, where and when.

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